What is ICO?

What is an ICO?

Types of ICO

  1. Private ICOs: Here, only accredited investors can participate in the ICO. The company can thus enforce a minimum investment amount.
  2. Public ICOs: Public ICO targets the general public. It creates room for anyone who would want to be an investor.

How does an ICO work?

  • Fixed supply and fixed price: A company may set specific financial goals, which means each token has a fixed price and a fixed total supply.
  • Fixed supply and varying price: The amount of funds the ICO receives depends on each token’s price.
  • Varying supply and fixed price: ICOs may have an irregular token supply but a fixed price. Here, the amount of funding received by the investors determines the supply of tokens.
  • The goal of the project
  • What needs that the project would fulfill at the end of the ICO?
  • How much money does the project require?
  • The company will accept the type of currencies (BTC, ETH, USD).
  • The length of the ICO campaign.

Can you launch an ICO?

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How could you avoid a scam ICO?

  • Research the people behind the ICO before investing in it.
  • Make sure the product’s founders already have a verifiable history of success with cryptos.
  • Be sure about the project’s goals through their websites and white papers.
  • Go for a transparent company. An organization that wants investors should have 100% transparency.
  • Study the ICO’s terms and conditions.
  • Ensure the ICO funds are sent to an escrow account. A wallet with several access keys is more secure and less likely to be a scam.

What should you have before investing in an ICO?

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  1. Wallet One holds established crypto like Ethereum or Bitcoin
  2. Wallet two keeps the newly launched cryptocurrency. Extra cryptocurrency wallet

How can startups benefit from ICO launching?

  • Creating awareness about the project
  • Promoting brand loyalty and building a network of investors
  • Facilitating token growth and development etc.

Bottom Line

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