How You Can Create Your Cryptocurrency

What is cryptocurrency mining?

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Why should you mint your cryptocurrency?

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Raising Capital

Financial Flexibility

Savings and Security

Branding your business


How can I make my cryptocurrency?

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1. Hire a blockchain developer to make a digital currency for you

2. Develop a new digital currency on an existing blockchain

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3. Modify an existing blockchain’s code

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4. Establish your digital currency and blockchain

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How can you create your token?

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Token function

  • Utility
  • Payment
  • Stablecoins
  • Security

Choose blockchain system

Design your proof-of-stake

Conformity with local laws

How to create your crypto token and make a profit

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1. Decide your token function

2. Code a smart contract

3. Test the token on a blockchain

4. Post token onto a blockchain

5. Start building community: Marketing

6. Presale

7. Token listing on other wallet services (like Coinbase and Binance)

8. Public Sales

9. Release Reserved Tokens

How to profit from cryptocurrency without minting your coin?

What makes BOM innovative and different from others?

Fee Redistribution

BOM Business License (NFT) Profit

Marketing Rewards

How to buy BOM?

  1. MetaMask
  2. CoinbaseWallet
  3. WalletConnect

URLs to buy BOM NFTs and Tokens

  1. Discord or telegram groups
  2. BOM Token page
  3. BOM NFT page



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