BOM Coin | A Credible Token Rewarding System

BOM Coin
5 min readApr 11, 2022

BOM Coin is a digital currency.

For centuries, humans have constantly developed different ways of exchanging goods and services. From bread and batter to coins, paper money. Now, digital currency.

Despite fears of government clampdown on crypto, the digital currency world is here to stay. Even so, business owners and individuals want to transact faster and make profits. This is where BOM Coin excels over other token systems.

Come on board as we take you through the essentials of BOM Coin.

What exactly is BOM?

BOM replaces other token systems with a view to making everyone happy. BOM is a groundbreaking token system developed to enhance the way companies transact with clients. One significant advantage of transacting with BOM is speed and ease of payment.

Businesses can purchase licenses from BOM for all transactions. And depending on the number of transactions, companies will receive BOM rewards. Most importantly, BOM is a rewarding system; as such, businesses will get as much reward as they introduce this token in their transactions.

This way, businesses can offer better discounts to their clients, increasing their sales. That means a better opportunity for business license owners and their users (clients).

With BOM, the users pay less than they traditionally would, while the business owners get rewards. Hence, this can increase their company’s clientele and sales by offering better discounts than others.

Why BOM is the best NFT & Token for you

As BOM brings cryptocurrencies to traditional economies, the project promises an astronomical return to early investors and participants. Besides, BOM is a ‘social ecosystem’

Here’s why BOM should interest you:

  • Lightning speed transaction
  • Near zero transaction fees
  • Secure block-chain system
  • Decentralized App
  • Profitable for all users
  • High-interest yield for investors

What to do as BOM token becomes available for presales?

BOM token is about to enter the market. Hence, service providers and individuals can buy BOM now in private sales and use the tokens for subscription payments or resale at higher prices. Investors will get a reward from every transaction’s fees instead of losing the amount for end users to service providers transactions.

We know that many kinds of businesses are urgently awaiting this token system’s launch, and we are connected with those businesses.

Therefore, we want investors to learn directly, or through social, they can form an initial market.


With cryptocurrencies becoming more acceptable, BOM NFTs are the next big evolution in the digital space. With our NFTs, businesses can purchase BOM licenses and reserve the right to sell to others for profit. Individuals and corporations can partake in this NFT pre-sale which comes with a unique value and ID.

BOM Token Sale

BOM tokens are based on the ERC20 standard which allows exchanges with other digital assets. Users can buy and sell these tokens even as the value is expected to rise steadily.

How much can you get from BOM?

BOM will mint on 20K NFTs but sell only 8% of NFTs (business license) in this pre-sale at 3/10 price. Meanwhile, BOM will supply 100M tokens but only 4% will be sold in the pre-sales stage at 1/3 price.

That means if you have more businesses you want to introduce in the future, you can buy this NFT (business license) now and sell it to any business in the future at a higher price.

As an investor, you can double the net profit without considering the price increase by selling the tokens purchased for 1/3 in the pre-sale stage one year later.

Investors can get 1x net profit 6 months in private sales and can get double profit after 1 year in the public sales stage.

In addition, if you sell the tokens purchased at two-thirds of the price in the private sale stage one year later, you can get 1x net profit.

This token system is an innovative and creative initiative that more businesses will adapt over time as this system becomes well known. Hence, the price of business licenses and tokens will rise, bringing more profit to investors.

Is BOM worth the investment?

With BOM NFT's sudden launching, it becomes a huge treasure for any smart investor. BOM is worth investing in because it has a value that tends to increase as more businesses transact with BOM tokens.

What the future holds for BOM?

Blockchain technology is fast replacing other means of trading. If more individuals, corporations, and governments participate in crypto, then an explosion is imminent.

BOM is a promising digital currency of its class and concept. As more people transact with BOM while gaining per transaction, the value of BOM rises.

The natural beauty of BOM’s architecture is that while it’s complex enough to handle any transaction globally, the core mechanism can be summarized with the system’s simple yet powerful features.

BOM is only starting, but the possibilities are endless.